Brighton Crossings Master Association Election

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the Brighton Crossings Master Association (“The Association”) holding an election?

A. Periodically Delegates are democratically elected to carry out Association business and vote for a board of directors. This summer, the Board of Directors of the Association is holding an election to allow residents in each Delegate District to elect its Delegate for the upcoming year. Each of the eight Delegates elected will serve for a term of one year. Those eight elected Delegates will then vote to elect members to the Board of Directors of the Association and to vote on any other matters that would normally come before the members.

Q. What happens after the Delegates are elected?

A. Once Delegates are elected, they will be instructed on the process for dissolving the Master Association by legal counsel for the Master Association. The process is expected to take up to 90 days, at which point the delegates’ responsibilities are completed.

Q. Ten years ago the Brighton Crossings Master Association agreed to sign over its governance responsibilities to the Brighton Crossings Metropolitan District #4. Why did they agree to transfer power from one governing entity to another?

A. Since 2002 when the Brighton Crossings Master Association (the “Master Association”) was first formed, several legal changes were made by the Colorado legislature that strengthened metropolitan districts with greater governance powers in relation to providing covenant enforcement and design review services. In 2011, an agreement between the Master Association and Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District #4 (“District No. 4”) delegated all management duties defined in Master Associations covenants – design review, covenant enforcement, and common property management – to District #4. After the Brighton Crossings Operations Board (the “Operations Board”) was formed, District #4 then assigned those duties over to the Operations Board. The 2011 agreement and the subsequent agreement to assign duties to the Operations Board was executed to create efficiencies in governance and fiscal management of Brighton Crossings.

Q. If the Master Association is essentially powerless, why is it recruiting candidates to run as Master Association Delegates?

Even though the Master Association no longer collects dues, manages common property, or enforces covenants, it was never legally dissolved after the agreement to transfer power to District No. 4 was signed. The Master Association still exists as far as the legislature and the courts are concerned. The only functions it now performs are
those that keep it in existence as required by law – regular reporting to the State, staying legally compliant and carrying liability insurance.

Q. Why should this matter to Brighton Crossings residents?

A. There is a financial cost to having both the Operations Board and the Master Association operational at the same time. Even though the Master Association exists mostly on paper, the costs for not dissolving it amount to roughly $2,500 per year – mostly in the form of time and effort complying with state reporting requirements and paying for insurance. In addition, there are costs to the community to coordinate the Master Association election. The 2019 Master Association election cost was $6,535.

Q. Can the board of directors dissolve the Master Association?

While the Master Association does have a board of directors, those who created the Master Association nearly twenty years ago did not give the board of directors the power to dissolve it. Though it is not a common feature of most Master Associations, the Brighton Crossings Master Association’s governing documents empower a democratically elected body of Master Association delegates to dissolve the entity.

Q. Didn’t Brighton Crossings residents already vote for Delegates to the Master Association two years ago?

A. Yes. In Spring of 2019, the Master Association conducted an election to seat Delegates. However, a state law requires a minimum 25% voter turnout threshold for these elections, which was not met during the 2019 effort. Therefore, the Delegates who ran on last year’s ballot were not duly elected and did not serve.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. Use the enclosed ballot and vote for a Delegate candidate (if there’s only one candidate please choose them), sign your ballot, then mail back to us. We must receive your ballot no later than 5pm on November 15th!


If you have further questions not addressed above, please do not hesitate to contact the Association’s management team at Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc., via phone at 970-617-2462, or via e-mail at

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