Brighton Crossings Parks & Dog Park Hours: Sunrise to Sundown.

Any existing or future park pavilion at the Parks may be reserved for exclusive use by Brighton Crossings Residents or Property Owners provided they have not been previously reserved.  The turf areas within the Parks may also be reserved by any individual or organized team sport organization as long as any such planned use is consistent with such area.

Currently the field behind the Fitness Center is the only turf field that can be reserved for organized team sports. For more information on what park pavilions can be reserved contact Brighton Crossings Recreations team or submit a Rental Request Form

Prohibited Activities.  The following activities are prohibited within the Parks.

  1. Place or post signs.
  2. Camp overnight.
  3. Enter or remain in the Parks after such facilities are closed as indicated on the posted hours of operation.
  4. Deposit, leave or bury refuse, trash or litter except in designated trash receptacles.
  5. Install any structure, including but not limited to, tents, booths, stands, awnings, tree houses, rope swings, inflatable amusements or canopies, except that temporary awnings and umbrellas for shade are permitted as long as such structures are not left unattended and are removed when the User leaves.
  6. Operate remote control or control-line devices in the air, on or in the water, or on the ground.
  7. Use any amplified sound system that produces audible sound beyond 25 feet.
  8. Stick or place any handbill, poster, placard, sticker, or painted or printed matter on any public building, fence, power or light or telephone pole, or any other public structure.
  9. Smoke, except in designated smoking areas provided.
  10. Play or practice golf or archery.
  11. Bring into, possess, or have any glass bottle or container.
  12. Discharge explosives or fireworks or operate launch model rockets or other devices which may have an explosive charge.
  13. Conduct any private enterprise.
  14. Park motor vehicles overnight.
  15. Sell, serve, dispense, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages.
  16. Block, close off, or impair access to any trails or facilities.
  17. Hunt, shoot, kill, injure, trap or maim any animal.
  18. Permit any livestock to graze.
  19. Destroy, vandalize, deface or damage any buildings, structures, signs, equipment, fences, gates or locks regulating access.
  20. Enter, without authorization, those areas and facilities posted or otherwise designated as closed to the general public.
  21. Dispose of trash.
  22. Remove, cut down, and disfigure rocks, trees, shrubs or other features of the natural environment.
  23. Build a fire, unless special circumstances apply and the fire is built in a contained device and no city-wide or county-wide fire ban is in effect.
  24. Operate unauthorized motor vehicles.
  25. Possess a weapon, unless authorized pursuant to C.R.S. 18-12-214, or any air rifle, spring-gun, bow and arrow, sling, paintball gun, air soft gun or any other weapon.

Outside Restrooms. Certain of the Parks have, or soon will have, outdoor restrooms which automatically unlock at sunrise and lock at sundown. Additional rules and regulations regarding the outside restrooms may be posted in and around the restrooms in the sole discretion of BCOB.

Compliance.  All Users and members of the general public must obey these Policies and Procedures in addition to any order, rule or regulation of BCOB and the instructions of any sign posted by BCOB.

Violation of Park Policy.  Should any person fail to observe and obey these Policies and Procedures, or any such order, rule, regulation or sign posted by BCOB, the BCOB’s Manager may immediately remove or cause to be removed any such person and may ban such person from the use of BCOB Parks or open space and its facilities for such period of time as may be necessary to secure compliance these Policies and Procedure. The BCOB Manager may also impose a validly approved fee in their sole discretion.