Brighton Crossings Metropolitan
District No. 4

The Brighton Crossings Metropolitan District No. 4 (“District”) is a governmental entity and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, designed to operate as quasi-municipal corporation run by an elected five-person Board of Directors. The primary purpose of the District is to finance infrastructure and parks to the Brighton Crossings Service Area and to provide an on-going governmental institutional structure for the operation and maintenance of signage, park, recreation and landscaping facilities.

The primary benefits of utilizing a Colorado Special District rather than a homeowner association are:

  • Minimization of overhead costs, due to a single District/HOA management entity;
  • Limited liability through the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act; and
  • The ability to use, among other sources of revenue, the power of taxation to collect the cost of service and development enhancements on an equitable basis, through income tax deductible means

The Service Plan for the District was approved by Adams County in 1984. The District has certified an annual mill levy of 62.277 mills. The District retains the authority to implement fees to support District on-going operations and maintenance activities. The current fees include a general operations fee, development fee, and administrative setup fee, infrastructure fee, District HOA fee, and courtyard and alley fees if applicable, for the purposes of recovering the infrastructure costs and the on-going costs of operation. Additional fee information can be found in the Amended and Restated Joint Resolution re: Imposition of District Fees and Amended 2018 Schedule of Fees.

The Services

The Service Plan for the District provides the District with the ability to finance the construction, acquisition, installation and provide services to the public improvements needed within Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District No. 4. It also authorizes the District to provide for ongoing operations and maintenance of the signage and monumentation, park and recreation facilities, irrigation water systems and landscaping services. The District has also been granted powers of covenant enforcement and design review. The District’s Board of Directors have chosen to have the District provide covenant enforcement, design review, and any homeowners’ association functions permissible under Colorado law and eliminate the necessity of a separate homeowners’ association and a separate homeowners’ association fee.

The District’s mill levy is included in the annual Adams County Property Tax Bill to each homeowner. Each property is assessed based on the following formula:

  • Actual Property Value multiplied by 7.2% (assessment rate) = Assessed Value
  • Property tax: Assessed value/ divide by 1,000 (mill levy applies to every
  • $1,000 in value) x 62.277mills = annual property tax for District portion only.

The assessment rate may change every other year and is set by the state legislature in accordance with certain constitutional requirements.

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