Operation Fee

The Operation fee is $135.00 per quarter.  The Operations Fee covers a majority of the District’s administrative and maintenance costs, some of which were previously handled by the HOA. 

Alley Fee (charged to owners who live on an alley)

This fee will cover the maintenance and snow removal costs of the alleys.  The Alley Fee is $45.00 per quarter. 

Courtyard Fee (charged to owners who live on a courtyard)

This fee will cover the landscape maintenance of the courtyards, including but not limited to mowing, irrigation repair, water and snow removal of main sidewalks.  Please note this will not include snow removal of individual sidewalks or driveways.  The Courtyard Fee is $75.00 per quarter.

Schedule of fees

2019 Schedule of Fees

Resolution Imposition of Maintenance Fees

Collections Resolution

Courtyard & Alley Fee Map

Fourth Amended and Restated Resolution Concerning the Imposition of District Fees