Snow removal is divided into 2 types of services at Brighton Crossings Metro District.

Service #1:  Zero Tolerance Areas

  • Zero Tolerance Snow Removal.  *(Snow removal and Ice melt will be applied at any measurement of snowfall for these areas)
  • Zero Tolerance service occurs at all Brighton mailboxes, Venture Center entry area sidewalk, Fitness Center entry area sidewalk.

Service #2:  2” Threshold Snow Removal – Post Storm (Walkways, Courtyards, Duplex’s, and Parking Lots)

  • Snow removal will occur if there has been 2 or more inches of snow post storm. (Post Storm meaning once the snowfall has stopped)
  • We have 3 specific areas where we measure snowfall totals . (Venture Center, Fitness Center , and Royal Pine Park.) *These areas are measured post storm*
  • Once snow hits 2” at measured locations the snow removal team will perform service on walkways parking lots, courtyards, and duplex areas.

Alley Snow Removal Detail – See Image Below.

Duplex Snow Removal Detail – See Image Below

Courtyard Snow Removal Detail – See Image Below

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