Dear Residents:

With just two weeks until the deadline to receive ballots for the Brighton Crossings Master Association Election (Monday, November 15th), we are putting special effort into asking residents to cast their ballot in this election. Why? If we don’t reach a 25% voter turnout threshold, the election will be invalid. More answers to questions you might have:

Q. There’s only one delegate candidate listed on my ballot. Do I still need to vote?
A. YES. Unless we receive a minimum of 25% of the voter turnout in each delegate district, the election will not count!

Q. What’s important about this election?
A. There are two governance structures in Brighton Crossings – Metro District #4 and the Master Association. Ten years ago there was an agreement to transfer duties and responsibilities from the Master Association to the Metro District. Brighton Crossings is paying thousands of dollars per year to keep the Master Association in existence. The only way to dissolve the Master Association, which every residence is paying to support is through a democratic election of delegates.

Q. Is there any reason to keep the Master Association in existence?
A. NO. The Master Association ten years ago transferred all of it’s compliance and governance responsibilities to the Metro District. The Master Association only exists on paper, but by state law it must be insured, hold elections and file annual reports – all of which costs the residents of Brighton Crossings thousands of dollars for no return in services!

Q. I have misplaced the ballot originally sent to me. Can I have another one?
A. No problem! Reply here with your request for a second ballot and we’ll mail it to you.

Q. We have three voters living here, but we only received one ballot. Can we have two more?
A. Only one ballot per household is permitted for this election

Please mail your ballot today! Or let us know if you need another ballot. Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information.

Thank you!

Brighton Crossings Operations Board

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