Recently, several of the neighborhood parks and recreation centers, have been affected by vandalism. In addition to these damages being an inconvenience to residents, vandalism comes at a cost to the Brighton Crossings community.

Reminder, all outdoor parks are open from sunrise to sunset. The community would like to ask for your help to try to stop the damage being done in parks, typically occurring on weekends after 8:00 pm. If you see individuals in the park after the posted hours, please contact non-emergency dispatch to report this activity 303-655-2300.

The Brighton Police Department is forming a community partnership where all residents and businesses that have cameras on their property can register them with the police department. Video cameras are increasingly being used in both residential and commercial properties to prevent crime. As such, video surveillance has become extremely helpful in solving crimes, identifying perpetrators, and serves as valuable evidence in court.

It is a serious crime to damage public property, and individuals who are caught will be cited and fined. Brighton Crossings is a beautiful community to live in. Let’s all do our part to keep it that way. If you have any information on vandalism in the community’s parks, please call the Brighton Police Department at 303-655-2300.

Park Rules & Regulations – Click Here

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