In the duplex units within the community, Brighton Crossings Metro District wanted to provide clarification on the services provided by the District.  

  The District provides the following services from May to October:


  * Mow the grass and string trim within the grass.

  *  Remove trash and debris from the grass areas.


  *  Edge the grass at the curb


  * Aeration of the grass in the spring. 

  *  Apply fertilizer and weed control two times per year on the grass.

Below are services that are not performed by the District:

  * Cut ornamental grass in the rock beds.

  * Treat rocks for weed control or removal of weeds in rock area.

  * Performing any tree pruning or removal of tree stakes.  Tree stakes should be removed by the homeowners after the first year.

  * Control irrigation that maintains the lawn.

  * Winterize the irrigation system or start up the system in the spring. 

  * Maintain or replace trees or shrubs on the property.

Please reach out to the District with any questions at 970-617-2462 or via email at

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