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Master Association Election

With this ballot, you are voting for the election of a Delegate to represent your Delegate District. You are not voting for a Board member. Why should this matter to Brighton Crossings residents?

There is a financial cost to having both the Operations Board and the Master Association operational at the same time. Even though the Master Association exists mostly on paper, the costs for not dissolving it amount to roughly $2,500 per year – mostly in the form of time and effort complying with state reporting requirements and paying for insurance. In addition, there are costs to the community to coordinate the Master Association election. The 2019 Master Association election cost was $6,535.

State law requires a minimum of 25% voter turnout.

Must receive ballot no later than 5pm on Monday, Nov. 15th.

Questions: 970-617-2462,

Mailbox Kiosk Easements

10’ X 20’ area to be maintained by the Operations Board.

Maintain landscape and snow removal throughout easement area (200 sq. feet)

Develop plan and budget to hardscape areas.

Operations Update

Pool to become winterized.

Holiday Lighting – same as last year.

Native Vegetation to be mowed for it’s second and final mowing of the year, early October.
Weed mitigation scope is being evaluated and improved.

Pickleball Signage installation next week.

Water Fountain at Crossings Park – Dog Park
To become winterized soon.
Plan to upgrade in Spring 2021.

Free Little Libraries at the Venture Center & Fitness Center

Fitness Classes Pickleball Clinic
Sept. 25th @ 10am
Volley Park

 Pickleball Club

Starts October 6th @ 10am
Volley Park

$10 per class 
For more information, please email the YMCA at
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