Your home in the Brighton Crossings community is subject the Master Declaration for Brighton Crossing (the “Declaration”), which establishes certain covenants, conditions and restrictions for all property within the community.  For example, the Declaration requires owners to obtain architectural approval for exterior changes to their homes or lots.  The Declaration also establishes certain restrictions on the use of the homes and lots in the community, such as parking, pets, noise and the like.  Pursuant to the Declaration, the terms of the Declaration are to be administered and enforced by the Brighton Crossing Master Association (the “Association”), which was formed in 2002. 

Your home is also within Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District No. 4, which provides various improvements and services to the community.  In 2011, the Association assigned the covenant enforcement and design review functions in the Declaration to the District.  As such, since that time, the District has been acting in the place of the Association in relation to covenant enforcement and design review.  Nevertheless, the Association still exists.  The developer of the community has the authority to appoint members to the Association’s Board of Directors, but as the community continues to grow and be built out, the developer would like more owner involvement and desires to now have some owners elected to the Association’s Board of Directors.  Before that can happen, however, some preliminary steps need to be taken.

Pursuant to the Declaration, the Association is divided into seven “Delegate Districts” and each home within the community is assigned to one of those Delegate Districts.  Enclosed with this letter is a map of the Delegate Districts.  The owners of homes within each Delegate District are to elect a Delegate to exercise the voting power of all of the owners within that Delegate’s Delegate District.  Then, it is the elected Delegates who are to able vote on the election of Board members and on other matters that come before the Association requiring a vote of the owners of the Association.

As stated above, the developer desires to have owners elected to the Association’s Board of Directors, and to that end, the Association will need to first conduct elections to elect Delegates from each of the seven Delegate Districts.  Each of the Delegates elected will serve for a term of one year.  Those seven elected Delegates will then vote to elect members to the Board of Directors of the Association to replace some of the developer-appointed Board members. 

At this time, the Board of Directors of the Association is seeking individuals who would be interested in serving the community as an elected Delegate for your Delegate District. Again, the primary responsibility of any Delegate is to cast the votes of the owners within the Delegate District on any matter that would otherwise require the vote of the owners.  While encouraged, Delegates are not required to attend any scheduled meetings of the Association’s Board of Directors, so the time commitment in that regard is minimal.  If you are interested in running for a Delegate position, please contact the District Management Team under About Us.  Once interested persons have been identified, you will be receiving further communication from the Association about the process to actually elect the Delegates.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the District Management Team via the e-mail address or phone number listed above. 

Brighton Crossing Delegate District Map

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